ron abuelo 7 anos rumRon Abuelo makes a line of fine rums, including the Ron Abuelo Anejo and the Ron Abuelo 7 Anos. The latter is a blend of Panamanian rums produced entirely from estate-grown sugar cane and then aged seven years in small oak barrels.

Ron Abuelo 7 Anos is a rich, amber-colored rum with aromas of vanilla, caramel and fresh sugar cane. Flavors range from more vanilla and caramel to cocoa, toffee and honey. That sweetness fades in the finish, with lingering notes of dry leather and citrus. It’s exceedingly easy to sip, and even rum novices will be hard-pressed to find much burn in this one.

Apart from the very solid attributes noted above, perhaps the best characteristic of Ron Abuelo 7 Anos is its price. Like its younger sibling, the Anejo, the 7 Anos is incredibly affordable. So while it sits in my glass adorned with neither ice nor mixer, the Rum and Coke crowd can mix freely without monetary guilt.

That said, for better mixing results, throw it into actual cocktails. The sweet start and dry finish lends itself well to a variety of drinks, like an anejo daiquiri, a rum old fashioned or a rum punch

– 40% Alcohol by Volume
– $20

CE Rating: ★★★


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