ron mulata 15 anejo rumA recent trip to Havana, Cuba led to much rum drinking, as should be expected. And while we indulged in a few familiar brands like Havana Club and Santiago, discovering a couple unknown-to-us rums was a particularly special treat. One such rum was Ron Mulata 15.

Ron Mulata makes an impressive lineup of rums and liqueurs, though during our trip we only found bars stocking a couple expressions, if any. The rum is distilled at the Heriberto Duquesne factory in the province of Villa Clara. After distillation, the rum is aged in 180 liter oak casks.

On the nose, Ron Mulata 15 has rich aromas of butter, caramel, molasses and oak. On the palate, the medium-bodied rum is smooth and subtle, with flavors of molasses, fruit and baking spices. Toward the end, things turn dry, and it finishes with a hearty dose of cinnamon and pepper.

Ron Mulata 15 was the second rum we drank in Cuba–after a glass of $1.50 white rum for baseline purposes/curiosity–and though we sampled a couple dozen more during the trip, Ron Mulata 15 held its own. It’s a paradoxical creature that’s rich and flavorful yet light and easygoing at the same time. And it was a fine introduction to the sugarcane-derived treasures of Havana.

— 38% ABV
— $50-70 online

CE Rating: ★★★★

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