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Happy May, everyone! As spring gets into full swing, we’re looking ahead at several busy weeks filled with holidays, events, and celebratory occasions. We have Cinco de Mayo this Friday, followed by the Kentucky Derby on Saturday. There’s World Cocktail Day on May 13 and Mother’s Day right behind it (May 14, don’t forget). Then we have World Whisky Day on May 20 and, here in the States, Memorial Day on May 29. So, as you can see, there are plenty of fine reasons to hoist a drink this month.

As we reflect on all of these upcoming celebrations, we’re reminded of the satisfaction we enjoy from having a great drink, and of the myriad ways raising a glass has worked itself into the fabric of our society—whether socializing among friends, unwinding after a long day or commemorating milestones and achievements.

Unlike some of our forebears, we are very fortunate to live in an age when drinking well is relatively accessible and accepted (and legal!). And as the skills and creativity of the world’s spirit makers and bartenders continue to evolve and blossom, so too will the endless array of beverage options from which consumers have to choose. It’s an exciting time to be a drinker!

But as cocktail culture continues to grow, it’s important for us as an industry (and as a consumer base) to welcome new fans with open arms. The act of enjoying a great cocktail or a dram of your favorite spirit should be open to anyone with a predilection for fine drinks—and, of course, of an appropriate age. As the industry continues to grapple with issues of exclusivity relating to gender, race, and economics, we encourage a more inclusive dialogue. Let’s remember that drinks and bars, by their nature, are products of a social society. And that sometimes, clinking glasses with a friend or stranger is all it takes to start a productive conversation.

We created Bevvy to share our love for great drinks with others, and we want that circle to be as large, varied, and welcoming as possible. And now, as we look forward to a month of celebrations, it’s the perfect time to reflect. Because sharing important moments together is what enjoying life to the fullest is all about.


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