tanduay asian rumTanduay Asian Rum is the second best-selling rum in the world (behind Bacardi), but until now it’s never been available inside the United States. That’s changing, as Tanduay is now shipping its silver and gold rums stateside, with availability rolling out through July and August.

Tanduay Asian Rum hails from the Philippines, where it’s been produced for nearly 160 years. It starts with Asian sugarcane, which is pressed into juice, converted into molasses and then distilled. The rum is aged in charred oak barrels, and for each expression, various ages of rum stocks are blended together before bottling.

Tanduay’s Silver Rum is a blend of rums aged up to five years. It has notes of toasted sugar, spice and coconut, and makes a solid addition to cocktails. It will retail for $19.99.

Tanduay’s Gold Rum is comprised of a blend of rums aged up to seven years. It pours golden amber in the glass and offers aromas of toasted caramel, coconut and crème brulee. It’s medium-to-full bodied and has flavors ranging from vanilla and tropical fruits to pepper, nuts and charred oak. It will also retail for $19.99.

Tanduay Asian Rum is just now hitting stores in Florida and Connecticut, and will expand from there. Check the website for availability details.

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