One of the most exciting things for a bartender, home or otherwise, is getting to try a new ingredient. Recently, I had the opportunity to check out a great new cinnamon cordial called Cannella. “Cannella” is the Italian word for cinnamon, and the word itself played an important role in this San Francisco-based craft spirit company being created in the first place.

Joe Cannella, the founder of Cannella Spirits, always knew what his family name meant. But while on a trip to Sicily in 2010, he and his uncle noticed their surname on a bottle in their hotel bar and were immediately intrigued. Rosolio di Cannella turned out to be a delight, and they brought several bottles back with them to the United States.

The cinnamon cordial soon became a staple of family meals and get-togethers, always bringing a bit of traditional flare to the table. Eventually however, their supply dwindled, prompting Joe and his family to try their hand at recreating the recipe themselves.

After several years and many variations, the first batch was launched last fall to rave reviews in the Bay Area. I was able to score a bottle from batch number 2 and, after some highly enjoyable taste testing, started using it to reimagine some of my favorite cocktails.

The drink I’ve chosen to share with you is a variation on the Third Rail (#2)—from the classic Savoy Cocktail Book—that I call the Three Sticks Cocktail. And if you manage to get your hands on a bottle and are looking for some inspiration, there are plenty more recipes and ideas on the Cannella website as well!

Three Sticks Cocktail

You’ll Need:

Cannella Cinnamon Cordial

Now, get the recipe

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