Tyrconnell 16 Year

The Tyrconnell, an Irish whiskey that takes its name from a racing horse, has been at it since 1876. A scant 140 years later, they decided to release a limited edition 16 year.

Like the classic Tyrconnell, a single malt that features no age statement, Tyrconnell 16 is made in old-school pot stills via double distillation, which better preserves its natural flavors.

Tyrconnell 16 has a light amber color, and a sweet nose stocked with honey, green apple and cherry. It’s warm on the tongue, and has a rich, oily texture. The spice steadily increases on the palate, and a strong burst of fruit flavor, chiefly green apple and stewed pair emerges. Those bright fruit flavors subside as the spice carries on, into a long, oaky finish with final notes of vanilla ice cream.

The 16-year has similarities to the classic Tyrconnell, most notably in the bright fruit flavors. But where that Tyrconnell is soft and light, the 16-year commands real presence with a heavy body and unabashed spice. The makers deserve kudos for creating two whiskeys with similar flavor profiles, but wildly contrasting tasting experiences. 

— 46% ABV
— $100

CE Rating: ★★★

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