Thirst Boston
Photo: Caitlin Cunningham

The annual Thirst Boston will descend upon its namesake city for the fifth time, taking place April 27-29. Some of the more intriguing events from this edition of the cocktail conference include an Applejack seminar led by a ninth-generation member of the Laird family, a walking tour of Boston’s forgotten Combat Zone by tiki scholar Brother Cleve, and a screening of a Steven Soderbergh film about an obscure Bolivian spirit—with Steven Soderbergh in attendance.

It will also gather local industry luminaries, such as Ezra Star of Drink, Naomi Levy of Capo, and Will Isaza of Blossom Bar to dispense knowledge on such topics as cognac versus Armagnac, distilling in Boston, and the history of rum cocktails.

We’ll be on the ground to soak it all in. Should you be located anywhere near the Boston area, tickets are still online, and we hope to see you there. Alternatively, you can follow us on Instagram and keep an eye out for our after-action reports.

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