remy martin louis xiii rare cask 42.6

$23,000 Cognac
Remy Martin has released Louis XIII Rare Cask 42.6, an exceptional find from Cellar Master Pierrette Trichet. It was part of the cognac stocks that typically go into the Louis XIII blend, but this one warranted a bottling of its own. If you can gather some funds together, you’ll get an incredibly rich cognac full of “plums and dates, all mingling with flavors of gingerbread and prune stone and punctuated by a final touch of tobacco leaf.” Sounds nice. Only 738 decanters are available for sale, so don’t delay.

The Distilled Life
Consumers are drinking more distilled spirits than ever, according to a new report published by The Beverage Information Group. You can credit laws that are making alcohol more accessible, as well as brands catering to the public’s taste for spirits. All spirit categories experienced an increase in sales with the exception of gin, which fell 0.1%.

Horchata for Cinners
The ever-growing rum horchata market is getting another interesting entry. Cruzan has just introduced Velvet Cinn, which combines the flavors of cinnamon and dairy for a smooth and creamy combination reminiscent of cinnamon toast. Velvet Cinn also has a higher proof than others in the category. Sounds like a good addition to your fall drinking rotation. Or your next Vampire Weekend listening session.

Time to Experiment
The new Experimental Collection from Buffalo Trace includes four experimental whiskeys that come off the still at a consistent 130 proof. But they’re put into barrels using four different entry proofs, leaving you with a quartet of wheated bourbons ranging from 90 proof to 115 proof. The Buffalo Trace Experimental Collection bourbons are available now and retail for about $46.

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