wild turkey forgiven

wild turkey forgivenHybrid Theory
If you believe the marketing hype, the latest offering from Wild Turkey was produced completely by mistake. Wild Turkey Forgiven is a rye-bourbon hybrid that was created when a distillery crew member accidentally mixed the two liquids. The resulting spirit is a blend of 78% (6-year-old) Bourbon and 22% (4-year-old) rye, and will sell in limited quantities for $49.99. No word yet if this innovative crew member is getting a promotion. Or exists.

Craft Distilleries on the Rise
Kentucky and Tennessee are the kings of whiskey production in the states, and that won’t change anytime soon. But the rise of the craft distillery is already affecting sales. The American Craft Distillers Association estimates there are nearly 400 craft distillers in the United States today, up from 60 a decade ago and around 180 five years ago. And that number could rise to almost 1,000 in two years. This is a very good thing.

Jim Beam’s Releasing Two More Flavored Whiskeys
Fans of Red Stag rejoice. Jim Beam is releasing two more flavored whiskeys. This time: Jim Beam Maple and Red Stag Hardcore Cider. This speaks to more than just Jim Beam’s growth strategy, however, as the rapidly growing flavored whiskey market is driving the growth of the overall whiskey market. In fact: flavored whiskey is the fast growing segment in the bourbon category. We’re not quite sure how to feel about that. Depressed, we guess.

A Couple of Other Whiskeys
This week, we previewed the latest offering from Old Forester: a birthday bourbon celebrating the birth of founder George Garvin Brown. Master Distiller Chris Morris says this expression has a robust flavor profile that includes “vanilla bean and caramelized oak paired with deep layers of warming spices and a delicate nut character.” We also reviewed a scotch whisky with a funny name: Sheep Dip. We liked it. And it tastes nothing like wool.

National Rum Day
Did you miss rum’s high holy day? Luckily, we live in a world where the sale and consumption of rum is not just limited to one day. So we highly suggest you try some of these rum creations: The Zacapa Rum Negroni and The Captain’s Invasion. Live every day like it’s National Rum Day.

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