tincup 10 whiskey

Released in Fall 2017, Tincup 10 shares the same hexagonal, Art Deco bottle as its younger sibling, but features a black tin cup cap, and has seen a decade’s worth of aging in #3 char American oak. Its mash bill is composed of 2/3 corn, 1/3 rye, and just a trace of malted barley. It’s technically a bourbon, but sold as an “American whiskey.”

Tincup 10 has a medium gold color and an oaky nose with strong vanilla bean. On the palate, it’s round and creamy with a chewy texture. Those big vanilla flavors come first, followed by cherry and dark fig. Dry leather emerges at the back, which is followed by a subtle rye spice and a delicate, measured finish.

There’s something very solid about Tincup 10 that makes you feel as if you’re biting into it. That quality, and its backbone of vanilla and oak, is the most enjoyable part. The rye spice at the end is welcome, but feels more like a seasoning on top of an already prepared dish rather than a key ingredient of the meal. Drinkers who typically prefer a rye whiskey or a bourbon that bites back may feel underwhelmed by that quality, but those that appreciate a softer, smoother whiskey will find plenty to chew on with Tincup 10.


— 42% ABV
— $54.99

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