Village Vodka bottle on a barrel
Village Garage Distillery

Village Vodka is the second spirit to come from Village Garage, which distills in Bennington, Vermont, with an emphasis on local grains. 

Its nose couples a faint grain sweetness to a detectable rye spice, and it starts on the palate with white peppers before sweetening at the center and then course-correcting with a jolt of rye spice. The back sees chalky corn and rounded malt swoop in, setting up a rather memorable finish in which the individual grains used to make the spirit each have their 15 seconds of fame.

That Village Vodka puts the flavors of the ingredients used to make it so front and center is commendable, but what I found most rewarding about the experience may have been its mouthfeel. Its texture takes on real presence, presenting a certain grit and texture that’s impossible to ignore—and quite satisfying to chew over.

Village Vodka is a great vodka if you’re looking for flavor and presence, and it’s offered at a price that’s hard to argue with. 


— 40% ABV
— $22

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