hangar 1 fog point vodka

hangar 1 fog point vodka

If this news came out at the beginning of April, we’d assume it were an April Fool’s joke. But this is very real. California distillery, Hangar 1, has just released a vodka called Fog Point that is distilled from actual fog.

To create the stuff, Hangar 1 installed mesh fog catchers to turn fog into fresh water. Basically, as fog drifts through the mesh, millions of beads of moisture are caught in its fibers and collected. That water is then blended with vodka distilled from wine, which was sourced from a vineyard on the Central Coast.

That’s quite an undertaking. And sure, it’s a little ridiculous, but all profits from the $125 Fog Point Vodka will be donated to water conservation efforts, so that’s nice. And if you do get your hands on a bottle, you can expect to taste something described as “extraordinarily crisp and pure… with elegant hints of pear, citrus, and honeysuckle.”

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