whistlepig boss hog spirit of mortimer ryeLast year, WhistlePig released “The Boss Hog” to many a whiskey drinker’s delight. The very small batch release–about 1,000 cases–was a 12 year old, 100% rye bottled at barrel proof. But now, they’re one upping themselves with The Boss Hog: Spirit of Mortimer. This new release is again bottled at barrel strength, but here we’ve got a whiskey aged for nearly 14 years in a combination of new American oak and used bourbon barrels.

The name refers to the distillery’s mascot, Mortimer. And here, WhistlePig did the late Mortimer a real service, crafting a complex, hefty and intriguing whiskey.

The Spirit of Mortimer is surprisingly tame on the nose, showing a deft touch for a whiskey clocking in between 117 and 124 proof. Rye grains lead the way, followed by baking spices, sweet vanilla and buttery oak. Take a sip, and that high proof starts to show itself. The full-bodied whiskey is like a meal–thick and chewy–with a flavor profile following that of the nose. Lots of rye grains and vanilla, plus caramel, hints of fruit and a buttery quality almost like barrel-aged buttercream frosting. If that were a thing. It’s a lush drink with a long finish of vanilla, ginger and oak.

The Boss Hog: Spirit of Mortimer is available now at select retailers. The release only yielded about 2,000 cases, so get on it before it’s all gone.

– 58.5-62% ABV
– $189

CE Rating: ★★★★

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