WhistlePig FarmStock WhiskeyWhistlePig has just announced the launch of WhistlePig FarmStock, the company’s highly-anticipated estate release that features whiskey distilled, aged, and bottled on its farm in Vermont. The company has been sourcing its whiskey from Canada, but since its inception, they have been vocal about their goal to create a farm-to-bottle distillery. WhistlePig FarmStock is the first major step in that direction.

The new whiskey is composed of one-and-a-half to two-year-old whiskey that was distilled from rye grown on the farm, aged in Vermont oak barrels and cut with local water. It is balanced with five-year-old whiskey from Alberta Distillers that’s been finished in WhistlePig’s Vermont oak, and 12-year-old rye whiskey stocks from MGP’s Lawrenceburg distillery. So you can consider it a triple terroir release, sporting three whiskeys from three different locations.

Down the road, we can hopefully look forward to a release featuring whiskey that’s been distilled and aged solely on WhistlePig’s farm. Until then, this transitional blend is a good opportunity to taste how that young Vermont whiskey stands up alongside the brand’s older stocks.

WhistlePig FarmStock clocks in at 86 proof. If you’d like to secure a bottle for yourself, the retail price is $89.99. And now, on to the official tasting notes.

WhistlePig FarmStock Tasting Notes

Nose: Abundant oak, vanilla, caramel, toffee, and mint.

Palate: Caramel, cinnamon, and baking spices prevail with hints of citrus and stonefruit.

Finish: Complex and enduring fi­nish featuring winter fruit, dark chocolate, tobacco, butterscotch, and vanilla founded in classic rye spice.

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