bottle of widow jane aged 10 years bourbon

Widow Jane Aged 10 Years is the flagship bourbon from the same-named label, which sources its whiskeys but proofs and bottles them in Red Hook, Brooklyn. 

It pours medium copper in color, and has a nose that’s all toasted brown sugar, oak and caramel, plus a dark, sticky sweetness that puts me in the mind of Fig newtons: vanilla, shortbread cookies, and figs in their juice.

The bourbon proves luscious on the tongue and surprisingly silky in texture. It starts on an oaky note with maple syrup, then moves to the center with rich vanilla, caramel, and baking spices before thickening to brown sugar, caramel, and sweet vanilla extract at the back—in other words, something like chewing on a Cow Tail. The finish brings out backing spices and cinnamon, yet remains somewhat light and buttery. Rather than going out with a bang it settles for something more subtle yet substantive.

It should be noted that the finish carries some length to it, but is more mild than the drinker might expect based on the start of the experience. This may disappoint those looking for more of a pop, but please those who desire a softer exit. However, there’s no lack of flavor on the palate.


–45.5% ABV

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