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Wild Turkey’s Master’s Keep series launched in 2015 as a way for Master Distiller Eddie Russell to showcase his unique approach to making bourbon. But over the years, a couple of rye whiskeys have sneaked into the lineup, first with Cornerstone in 2019 and now with Master’s Keep Triumph. This new release is a small batch, 10-year-old rye, making it the oldest age-stated rye whiskey ever released by Wild Turkey.

It takes some foresight to make any 10-year-old spirit. But 10 years ago, without knowing exactly how the market would feel about rye a decade later, Eddie Russell selected and laid down the rye whiskey that would eventually become Master’s Keep Triumph. This was inspired in part by his son, Bruce Russell, who serves as Wild Turkey’s associate blender and has an affinity for rye.

Rye whiskey suffered a significant decline in popularity after Prohibition that didn’t recover until the modern cocktail renaissance, when bartenders begin pouring rye and consumers began requesting it. During those tough times, many brands pulled their rye from the shelves, but Wild Turkey continued to produce its iconic 101-proof rye. The name Triumph refers to rye’s contemporary revival and to Wild Turkey’s reverence for the quintessential American spirit.

During its 10 years in oak, Master’s Keep Triumph developed a complex and bold flavor profile. It begins with notes of sweet honey and cloves, moving to dark chocolate, dates, and spices, with a rich mocha-coffee and black pepper finish. It’s bottled at 104 proof, or 52% alcohol-by-volume.

Many rye whiskeys are mixed into classic cocktails like a Manhattan or Old-Fashioned, and you can certainly do that with Master’s Keep. But the brand suggests trying it neat or on the rocks. The $275 price tag may also warrant such sipping.

Wild Turkey Master’s Keep Triumph is available in limited quantities online, in select U.S. retailers, and on-site at the distillery’s visitor’s center.

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