Wyoming Whiskey Steamboat

Steamboat Bourbon, a special Wyoming Whiskey expression limited to one thousand cases, was released in the summer of 2018 exclusively in the Equality State. Its name doesn’t reference a steamboat in the steamboat sense, but rather Steamboat the Horse, a turn-of-the-century steed that was said to be “unrideable” and went on to inspire the Bucking Horse and Rider motif that graces Wyoming license plates.

Moving from horses to whiskey, Steamboat pours a medium gold in the glass and has vanilla, sawdust and dark cherry on the nose. The first notes on the palate are of cherry, which sweetens to a cherry cola note, accompanied by vanilla and caramel. While the spirit begins lights in texture, it takes on creamy roundness that feels like melting ice cream. At the center of the palate the sweetness of the cherry cola begins to recede, replaced by oak, spice, and leather as the roundness of the whiskey begins to dry out. A light, faint spice lingers over the finish.

For a spirit named after a famously cantankerous horse, Wyoming Whiskey Steamboat Bourbon is an easy rider. It is soft, light, and sweet for a 90-proof bourbon. Those characteristics are at once its selling point, and its biggest drawback. Those looking for a deeper dram that bites back may come away feeling disappointed, but drinkers that prefer easygoing Irish whiskeys or those looking for a softer bourbon with character will be well served.


— 45% ABV
— $45

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