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The holidays are a joyous time of giving and receiving, but for many, it’s also an agonizing season of figuring out the right gift to buy—we’re always searching for that sweet spot between “perfect gift” and “horrifyingly expensive.”

At Bevvy, we’ve received our fair share of socks, ties, bathsets, makeup, and other clichéd gifts, so this year, we’ve compiled a boozy gift guide to help you shop for the drinking man and woman in your life. From stocking stuffers to white elephant gifts, there’s a present for any occasion (and last we checked, Santa is rumored to appreciate a dram or two in lieu of milk.)

To ensure our holiday shopping guide applies for most of our readers, we’ve chosen to include only spirit products that are widely distributed, or available via popular online retailers such as K&L Wines, Hi-Time Wine Cellars, LiquorBarn, and others.


Great Gift Ideas For Him or Her

Here at Bevvy, we’re not fans of drinking sterotypes such as “men drink whiskey” and “women drink cosmopolitans.” As we know plenty of whiskey-drinking women and cosmo-drinking men, we’ve compiled this holiday shopping guide as a single list—trust us, these items make great gifts for both men and women.


Monkey Shoulder | Bevvy

Monkey Shoulder Blended Malt Scotch Whisky, $30

Made from a delicious blend of three different single malts—Glenfiddich, Balvenie, and Kininvie—Monkey Shoulder is a rising star in the world of scotch whiskies, and has played a pivotal role in elevating whisky cocktails. Buy from Hi-Time


Caol Ila 12 | Bevvy

Caol Ila 12 Year Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky, $78

Renowned for its delicate complexity, Caol Ila 12 is a critically-acclaimed, peaty single malt from the island of Islay. It’s a lesser-known but excellent alternative to Laphroaig or Lagavulin, and shows the imbiber has some range beyond the common mainstays of this category. Buy from K&L


Buffalo Trace | Bevvy

Buffalo Trace Bourbon Whiskey, $22

This flagship bottle from the eponymous distillery is a nicely-balanced bourbon that’s slightly spicy and not too sweet. It’s extremely popular in cocktails, and at this price point, you might as well pick up two bottles. Or three. Buy from K&L


Michter's US*1 Bourbon Whiskey | Bevvy

Michter’s US*1 Bourbon Whiskey, $40

Michter’s US*1 Bourbon is a favorite here in the Bevvy office, but we’re biased as we like a lot of Michter’s products. This one has a good mouthfeel and a moderately sweet flavor profile, with notes of vanilla, honey, and raisins. While we have used it occasionally in spirit-forward cocktails, we prefer to sip this one neat. Buy from K&L


Corbin Cash 100% Rye Whiskey | Bevvy

Corbin Cash 100% Rye Whiskey, $47

This award-winning whiskey is made with 100% California-grown Merced Rye, which they plant and grow themselves in true farm-to-bottle fashion. Sporting a much higher rye content than most rye whiskeys, Corbin Cash Merced Rye is aged for about 4 years, has a good mouthfeel with notes of spice and vanilla, and finishes strong. Buy from K&L


WhistlePig 10 Year Rye Whiskey | Bevvy

WhistlePig 10 Year Rye Whiskey, $80

Rye whiskey is a hot category these days, and this here is another fantastic one to try. Made with a 100% rye mash, WhistlePig 10 Year Rye is rich, bold, and spicy, with notes of vanilla, honey, caramel, and candied citrus. Imported from Canada and bottled in Vermont. Buy from Hi-Time


Foursquare 9-Year Rum Port Cask Finish | Bevvy

Foursquare 9-Year Rum Port Cask Finish, $35

This is an amazing rum and at a very approachable price point. Complex and interesting, with notes of raisins, oak, nutmeg and brown sugar. The port cask finish gives it a slightly sweet profile, but this is by no means a sweet rum. Unlike some popular rums, Foursquare never adds any sugar or other additives. Buy from Hi-Time


Copper & Kings American Small Batch Brandy | Bevvy

Copper & Kings American Small Batch Brandy, $35

Copper & Kings distills award-winning brandies out of the Butchertown neighborhood in Louisville, Kentucky. This American Small Batch expression is aged mostly in ex-bourbon casks but finished in new American oak, giving it an oakier, more vanilla-heavy flavor. With soft, fruity notes on the nose, palate, and finish, this has been very popular in brandy cocktailsBuy from K&L


Fortaleza Tequila Blanco | Bevvy

Tequila Fortaleza Blanco, $45

Tequila Forteleza Blanco is a smooth, well-balanced tequila that’s great for sipping or using in cocktails. The flavor profile is rich and complex with notes of citrus, vanilla, and butterscotch, rounded out with an herbal, vegetal boldness that’s simply delightful. Buy from K&L


Casa Dragones Blanco | Bevvy

Casa Dragones Blanco, $59

Casa Dragones is an independent, small-batch producer of ultra-smooth tequila. Their joven release is self-touted as the “World’s #1 Sipping Tequila,” and just so happens to be one of our favorites despite the high price. The blanco is Casa Dragones’ second release, and has much more funk in its flavor profile (in a good way), which may work better in tequila cocktails. While $59 is quite a bit more affordable than the $280 price point of the Joven, it’s still quite a few pesos and we prefer to slowly sip—rather than mix—this bottle away. Buy from K&L


Don Amado Pechuga Mezcal | Bevvy

Don Amado Pechuga Mezcal, $90

Mezcal is a lesser-known but fast-growing liquor category, and Don Amado is one of the finest premium producers of this beloved agave spirit. The Pechuga expression has been characterized as deliciously fruity, spicy, and something falling in between mezcal and gin. Buy from K&L


Koval Dry Gin | Bevvy

Koval Dry Gin, $35

This award-winning gin imparts grassy, floral notes to complement the subtle but significant juniper profile. Made by beloved Chicago craft producer Koval Distillery, this modern gin is great on its own or in spirit-forward gin cocktails. Buy from Liquor Barn


St. George Spirits Terroir Gin | Bevvy

St. George Spirits Terroir Gin, $31

In the words of the distillers, this gin is “an ode to the wild beauty of the Golden State.” Made on the California coast by pioneering craft distillery St. George Spirits, this brilliantly aromatic gin incorporates Douglas fir, California bay laurel, coastal sage, juniper berries, and seven other botanicals to bring to mind the seaside forests and earthy chaparral of California. Buy from K&L


Cannella Cinnamon Cordial | Bevvy

Cannella Cinnamon Cordial, $36

With cinnamon spirits all the rage these days, Cannella Cinnamon Cordial is a welcome premium alternative in this burgeoning category. It’s great by itself, in a cocktail, and even as an ingredient for pastries and chocolates. From DrinkMe: “The spirit is well-balanced between sweet and spicy with apple pie notes and a velvety finish.” Buy from K&L
Disclosure: Bevvy’s CEO is an investor in Cannella Spirits.


Boston Shaker Cocktail Set | Bevvy

Boston Cocktail Shaker Gift Set, $30

A perfect gift set for the home bartender who’s just starting out, this cocktail shaker set has all of the essentials, and for a reasonable price. This set includes a wooden muddler, which just happens to be our preference. Buy from Amazon


Crafthouse Professional Barware Set by Charles Joly | Bevvy

Crafthouse Pro Barware Set by Charles Joly, $100

For the experienced cocktail enthusiast or professional, this high-end bar tools collection will class up any bar. Designed by World Champion bartender Charles Joly and inspired by prohibition-era barware, this cocktail set helps you deliver an enhanced cocktail experience at home. Buy from Amazon


Yarai Mixing Glass Cocktail Kingdom | Bevvy

Yarai Mixing Glass by Cocktail Kingdom, $33

This mixing glass not only helps you make beautiful drinks, but is beautiful to look at while the drinks are being made. Cocktail Kingdom quality, and dishwasher safe—one of our favorites in the Bevvy office. Buy from Amazon


Globe Whiskey Decanter | Bevvy

Globe Whiskey Decanter with Dark Wood Stand, $70

This gorgeous, etched glass decanter stores and showcases your precious elixir as a work of art. Great for whiskey, but works well for any premium spirit. Add one to your home or office and feel like a boss. Buy from Amazon


Yarai Old-Fashioned Rocks Glass | Bevvy

Old-Fashioned Rocks Glasses by Cocktail Kingdom, $30

Cocktail Kingdom makes some of the best products on the market, and this set of Yarai glasses are the same ones we use at the Bevvy office (you might’ve seen them in our photos). At 7.5oz, it’s the perfect size and look, as we feel many of the rocks glasses out there these days are too big at 10oz or more. Buy from Amazon


Leopold Coupe Glasses by Cocktail Kingdom | Bevvy

Leopold Coupe Glasses by Cocktail Kingdom, $34

The coupe glass has risen to become an iconic vessel of choice for up drinks, and synonymous with cocktail culture. In addition to being a spill-resistant alternative to the traditional cocktail/martini glass, coupe glasses just make a cocktail look sexier. These 6oz versions are the perfect size, as most up cocktails end up being about 5.5oz after dilution. Buy from Amazon


Moscow Mule Mugs | Bevvy

Moscow Mule Mugs, $45

The Moscow Mule has been enjoying a resurgence in popularity, and are some of our most-viewed recipes on Bevvy. But the experience is simply not the same without an authentic Moscow Mule mug, and this solid copper gift set will serve you right. Handcrafted with a beautiful hammered finish, this set of 4 mugs also includes a bonus shot glass. Buy from Amazon


Glencairn Whisky Glasses | Bevvy

Glencairn Whisky Glasses, $38

Hailed as the “Official Whisky Glass,” the Glencairn is the glass of choice for discerning whisky drinkers. The wide bowl displays the color while capturing its full bouquet, and the tapered mouth is excellent for nosing. This link is for a set of 6. Buy from Amazon


DIY Cocktail Bitters Set by LibationLab | Bevvy

DIY Cocktail Bitters Kit by LibationLab, $55+

Bitters add aroma, complexity and balance to cocktails, and no bar is complete without some. This DIY bitters kit from LibationLab is a great gift idea for aspiring home bartender. Kits arrive in unique letterpress printed gift bags, and you can choose from an assortment of flavors. Buy from Etsy


The Craft Cocktail Party: Delicious Drinks for Every Occasion | Bevvy

The Craft Cocktail Party: Delicious Drinks for Every Occasion, $18

Julie Reiner has been pioneering craft cocktails from San Francisco to New York, and is one of the top bartenders in the world. In her first book, The Craft Cocktail Party, Reiner shares her tips, recipes, and experience from over 20 years at the forefront of the cocktail movement. With a focus on making delicious drinks at home, this beautifully photographed book inspires not just cocktail geeks, but anyone with a taste for great booze. Buy from Amazon


Smuggler's Cove: Exotic Cocktails, Rum, and the Cult of Tiki | Bevvy

Smuggler’s Cove: Exotic Cocktails, Rum, and the Cult of Tiki, $18

Rum expert and tiki royalty Martin Cate has been slinging amazing rum drinks for the better part of a decade, at his award-winning San Francisco bar Smuggler’s Cove—winner of Best American Cocktail Bar at 2016’s Tales of the Cocktail Spirited Awards. In this best-selling book, Martin teams up with his wife Rebecca to take you on a spirited journey into the world of tiki—covering everything from rums, exotic recipes, the history and modern revival of tiki, and a few juicy scandals thrown in for good measure. Buy from Amazon


Distilled Stories: California Artisans Behind the Spirits | Bevvy

Distilled Stories: California Artisans Behind the Spirits, $20

Craft Spirits are booming, and there are hundreds if not thousands of new distilleries opening every year. Distilled Stories stands apart from other books in that it covers the true backstories of various California distilleries—many of them pioneering distilleries—that helped to create the craft spirits industry. Learn about the mistakes, revelations, trials, and tribulations that each distiller made, as they forged their own paths to success. While every story is different, a common theme is passion, dedication, and taste. If you’re thinking of starting your own distillery, or just want to learn more of what goes into your favorite spirits, then this book is a must read. Buy from Amazon


What do you get the cocktail lover who has everything? These 25 holiday gift ideas are sure to keep them warm all season long!

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