Brothership Blended Whiskey

In case you thought the market for blended whiskeys with clipper ships on the label had been entirely cornered by Cutty Sark, think again. Brothership Blended Whiskey is a self described “Irish-American” whiskey from Ireland’s Connacht Whiskey Company created by blending a 10-year-old Irish malt whiskey with a 10-year-old American whiskey (both sourced). The whiskeys are blended and bottled at Philadelphia’s New Liberty Distillery, making this spirit a cross-Atlantic partnership in more ways than one.

The whiskey pours a faint yellow-gold in the glass and has a floral nose with green apple, honeysuckle, and apricot. It begins mellow in character and delicate in body, with sweet floral notes and a mild, grassy undercurrent. Stone fruit flavors like peach and apricot emerge at the center as it takes on a slightly tart and acidic quality. The first stirrings of spice arrive at the end with notes of ginger and cinnamon, leading to a dry, hot finish that remains light and crisp in character.

Brothership Blended Whiskey exemplifies the lightness Irish whiskeys are known for, but its complex web of floral and dark fruit flavors grant it serious presence in flavor if not in body. The soft snap of ginger and cinnamon at the end of the conclusion—perhaps a result of the American contribution—ensures that this experience ends with a bang, not a whimper.


— 45% ABV
— $49.99

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