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Earlier this year, Venezuela’s Diplomático Rum announced its new Tradition Range, which features the flagship Reserva Exclusiva alongside two new expressions: Mantuano and Planas. Mantuano replaces the former Reserve rum, while Planas replaces the the Blanco. These changes result in a cohesive look for the lineup, as each bottle prominently features brand icon Don Juancho.

According to stories told by those from the region where the distillery is located, Don Juancho was a noble man who lived in the late 19th Century in Venezuela. He had a passion for traditional beverages and how they were sourced—particularly rum—and he collected a variety of exotic rums from his travels around the world. His dedication, savoir-faire, chivalry, and authenticity inspired the creation of Diplomático Rum.

So that’s Don Juancho. And these are the two new rums.

diplomatico mantuano

Diplomático Mantuano

Mantuano translates to “a local noble man,” a reference to our pal Don Juancho. It’s a blend of 40% heavy rum and 60% light and semi-heavy rums, and it’s aged for up to eight years in American white oak, ex-bourbon, and malt whiskey barrels. With flavors ranging from dried fruits and spice to oak and vanilla, it’s a good candidate for sipping neat. But at an affordable price point, you don’t have to hesitate when adding it to cocktails. 40% ABV / $24

diplomatico planas

Diplomático Planas

Diplomático Planas is produced from molasses and sugar cane honeys. It is distilled through a system of copper pot stills, column stills, and batch kettles. It is then aged up to six years in American white oak that previously contained bourbon and malt whiskeys, and undergoes a charcoal filtration process to remove the color. All that makes Planas an elegant and rich blended white rum with an intense nose of coconut, coffee and tropical fruits, and a creamy, fruity taste. 47% ABV / $29

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