fever tree aromatic tonic water

Gin and tonic go together like, well… like Gin and Tonic. They’re a perfect combo, especially during these hot summer months. And one of the best things about this easy-to-make cocktail is that, despite being comprised of just two ingredients, you’ve got a near-endless variety of gins and tonics to play with. Now you can add one more option to your repertoire: Fever-Tree Aromatic Tonic.

This pink-hued tonic was inspired by a historic recipe used by the British Royal Navy in the 19th century. While researching historic ingredients and early references of tonics, the brand’s founders discovered medical records that detailed how British Navy surgeons prescribed angostura bark as a fever remedy (or “tonic”). We hope that, for the sailors’ sake, that tonic was paired with a healthy dose of gin.

Fever-Tree Aromatic Tonic’s globally-sourced ingredient list begins with that South American angostura bark. From there, it adds vanilla from Madagascar, ginger from India, cardamom from Guatemala, and pimento berry from Jamaica. All that is tied together with FeverTree’s signature quinine from the Congo and soft spring water. The result is a tonic that’s sporting subtle aromas of exotic spices and fresh citrus, a refreshing aromatic flavor, and a clean, dry finish.

When incorporating this Aromatic Tonic into a Gin and Tonic, the brand suggests opting for something bold and juniper-forward like Tanqueray or Plymouth. Pour into a tall glass over ice, garnish with a lemon wedge, and you’ve got  a refreshing cocktail to sip all summer long.

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