glendalough double barrel irish whiskey

Glendalough Double Barrel Irish Whiskey is distilled in a coffey still, and gets its name from its unique aging process. It is first aged for over three years in a first-used bourbon cask, then transferred to a first-filled oloroso sherry cask for another six months. It pours a light gold in the glass, and has honey, caramelized sugar, banana, and vanilla on the nose.

The whiskey is medium-bodied, shows medium heat, and kicks off with notes of sweet, wild honey. White banana and coconut emerge at the center, and the flavor darkens to a rich, dried fig at the back of the palate. It quickly dries out at the end, racing to an oaky, tannic finish with traces of satisfying peanut butter. That finish is long and dry, providing a satisfying contrast to the earlier, sweeter notes that set it up.

Glendalough Double Barrel is a great choice for those looking to explore Irish whiskey beyond the household-name brands. It should give anyone who thinks of the category as being exclusively soft and sweet something to chew on, while offering an intriguing taste journey for more seasoned sippers. The accessible price point is icing on the cake.

If you like that, check out Glendalough Mizunara Finish Single Malt, another intriguing whiskey from the Irish distiller.


— 42% ABV
— $30-35

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