mount gay 1703 master select

Mount Gay 1703 Master Select is an annual, limited-edition rum from the Barbados distillery. Previously called 1703 Old Cask Selection, this year’s expression is comprised of a blend of rums from Mount Gay’s oldest reserves, which range from 10 to 30 years old. These rums were created and hand-picked by Master Blender Allen Smith, the man behind other brand extensions like Mount Gay Black Barrel, Mount Gay XO Cask Strength and the Origin Series Collection.

Mount Gay releases just one batch of 1703 Master Select annually, and this year, they’re shipping out 12,000 total bottles worldwide. New bottles, in fact, that are hand labeled and include details on the exact cask in which it was matured.

“The most important ingredient in 1703 Master Select is time,” said Smith. “We spend years carefully monitoring our rarest barrels to achieve a perfect balance of flavors. It may take time, but when it all comes together, the taste is worth the wait.”

Mount Gay 1703 Master Select Rum weighs in at a respectable 86 proof and will retail for around $150 per bottle. If you’d like one for yourself, don’t delay, as those 12,000 bottles won’t last long. And once they’re gone, they’re gone… until the following year’s release. In the meantime, here’s what you can expect:

Mount Gay 1703 Master Select Tasting Notes

Appearance: Rich amber, long legs
Nose: Refined harmony of oaky and caramel notes
Palate: A delicious balance of caramel, spice and toast
Body: Exceptional roundness with a delicate finish

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