Tipperary Knockmealdowns Irish Whiskey

Aside from being one of the all-time great names in Irish whiskey (or any whiskey), Knockmealdowns is also connected to Ireland through geography and folklore. The name itself refers to a mountain range spanning County Tipperary’s border, and is supposedly adjacent to a bottomless lake haunted by one “Petticoat Loose,” an unlucky lass who must forever attempt to empty the lake via thimble.

But that’s enough talk about all the Knockmealdowns-related things that aren’t whiskey. The spirit itself is aged for 10 years in ex-bourbon casks, and has a light gold color. It possesses an earthy, malty nose with notes of grain, wet straw, wet clay, and pipe tobacco. On the palate it proves light in body yet rich and viscous in texture, and begins with notes of honey grounded by a wet clay that you can almost chew. The initially mild temperature picks up spice around the center, along with straw, a snap of ginger and dry cherry tobacco. A tannic finish dries it out, setting up a satisfying but gentle conclusion with a moderate touch of spice.

Tipperary Knockmealdowns is a highly unique spirit: light but dense, mild in spice until it isn’t. Its earthy yet rounded and sweet flavors are quite unlike anything else I’ve experienced from a brown spirit. Knockmealdowns has the lighter-dram quality Irish whiskey aficionados value, plus a helping of original flavors and textures sure to entice any whiskey seeker looking for a novel experience.


— 47% ABV
— $89.99

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