Autumn Leaves

Fall is here, and with the changing of the weather comes a shift in our drinking habits—as evidenced by what’s currently in our collective glass, but also by the types of drinks people are searching for on Bevvy.

Lighter-style cocktails such as Aperol Spritzes, Moscow Mules, and Highballs are giving way to fall cocktails with a bit more substance behind them—including warm drinks that stand up to the cooling temperatures, like Hot Toddies and Kentucky Coffees.

Halloween fans may find themselves interested in more “spirited” libations such as the Vampire’s Weakness, the Blood in Hand, and the Spooky Neighbor. They’re scary delicious, and will ensure a bloody good time (sorry for that string of puns.) But have you noticed our itsy bitsy spider in the top corner? He’s helping us get into the Halloween spirit. You can improve your own holiday by checking out our collection of Halloween Cocktails here.

A Wee Celebration

October also happens to be Scotch Month here at Bevvy, so we put together a handy Scotch Hub with easy-to-digest information to help you learn more about this noble spirit. Go ahead, pour yourself a dram and join us.


Our resident Rum Master Matt Pietrek has been settling into his new column with us. It’s called Ruminations, and his latest post includes pro tips on how to buy your first premium rum without getting duped. In today’s world of over-embellished stories and misleading age statements, it’s helpful to have Matt as a guide, and he offers some excellent recommendations. Give it a read, or catch up on his other articles.

Who’s Who of Booze

As we’ve said frequently before, it’s a great time to be a drinker, with seemingly endless options of great recipes, excellent spirits, and amazing bars. This was not by accident, and we are fortunate to benefit from the tireless efforts and creative genius of those in the booze industry. To celebrate their contributions and recognize their achievements, we’ve compiled a list of legends and rising stars that are influencing global drink culture. So get acquainted with these talented ladies and gentlemen by strolling through our Who’s Who in Booze.

And don’t worry, more will be added over time. Know of someone we’re missing that should be on this list? Let us know!

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Bevvy StickersAnd in case you’ve missed it, we have FREE Sticker Packs available for anyone who wants to sport a Bevvy sticker, and be cool like us. Actually, we’ve got no doubt you’re already cooler than we’ll ever be, but let’s just keep that between us.



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